Instagram Trends: Gray Balayage

Instagram trends are taking the world by storm.  The on fleek eyebrows, perfectly chiseled contour, and the beautiful hair trends inspire us all to give the Insta trends a go.  Admit it, we all try them out at one point of another.  But are they worth it?  There’s one Instagram trend we have fallen victim to, but not in a negative way because we are obsessing over it.   The gray hair trend, or in fancy terms, gray balayage is definitely a trend to take part in.  


We have both been dying our hair platinum blonde for years.  Expect for one salon visit when we decided we wanted to try something new and take the plunge into the gray balayage waters.  We continually get asked what color our hair is and how we got it this way.  The balayage gives so much beautiful dimension with the mixture of gray, purple, and blonde.  We are here to urge you to take a risk in the New Year and do something exciting with your hair, clothes, etc.  There’s never a better chance than now to do something that is out of your comfort zone.


So if you’re going to spend the money you ought to know how to preserve it.  Here are some tips to maintain your beautiful balayage.  I originally had my hair colored in late July 2016.  The picture above was taken on January 19th, 2017 so as you can see because of these steps the color has remained vibrant and fresh.

1. PURPLE SHAMPOO!  I cannot recommend this enough.  It is a gray or blonde haired gals God sent.  My routine for this is to put the shampoo on the top half of my hair right when I get into the shower and make sure to massage it into my scalp.  I leave it on and bring some of it down to my ends.  I then take a purple conditioner and place that on the lower ends of my hair and leave the combo on for the rest of my shower.  I leave it on for the remainder of the shower so the color can soak into the hair and help it keep its beautiful color!


Joico is my absolute favorite brand of purple shampoo.  It is sulfate free and gives the perfect color touch-up while still preserving the original color.

  • Where to buy:

2. DRY SHAMPOO!  The more you wash your hair, the more the color washes out, resulting in a shorter life for your color.  But who wants to walk around with greasy hair?  That’s where dry shampoo comes into play.  I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and use the purple shampoo each time I shower.  If you wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week use a normal shampoo.  I recommend using the purple shampoo only 2-3 times a week.  My absolute favorite is the Batiste Dry Shampoo.  And the best part about it – it’s under $10!  Another perk of dry shampoo is its time saving abilities.  I will style my hair at the beginning of the week and keep it looking fresh with dry shampoo for a few days, eliminating the need to style my hair each morning.

3. Healthy Hair is Happy hair.  Make sure you’re taking care of your hair.  I had the shortest hair for the longest time that simply would not grow for years.  I tried everything and nothing worked.  Until… I stopped using a flat iron on my hair every. single. day.  I stopped over washing my hair and I started taking biotin, which completely transformed my hair.  I also only get my hair colored twice a year, the more you put color in your hair, the more damaged it gets.

  • My favorite Hair, Skin, & Nails (best part is, they are gummies :))


We are obsessing over this trend if you can’t already tell!


What do you think of this trend?  Are you going to give it a shot?  Let us know and tweet us your pictures @lights_charm or tag us on instagram @northernlights.southerncharm 🙂


Are there any trends you are obsessing over that we should try out or that you want us to try out for you?



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