3 Hidden Gem Lip Products That You NEED!

Lips have become an obsession in the past few years (thanks Kylie), and it appears the obsession isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  Lips are often the finishing product to your makeup look due to their ability to tie the whole thing together or… ruin it…


However, lips will not tie the look together if the base isn’t perfect!  It’s more than just slapping some lipstick, lipgloss, or liquid lipstick on your face.  


Here are some hidden gems that I haven’t seen too many beauty influencers talking about that will help you step up your lip game.


Product 1:  Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme  ($28.00).  I received this product in a travel size in a Too Faced Secret Beauty Weapons gift bag back in September for $18.00 with a few other products so keep your eyes out for promotions like that if you don’t want to pay the hefty price tag.  Price talk over… back to the product review.  At first I was weary of this product.  I have naturally nice sized lips so I didn’t see much use for it, BUT after this trend that has been escalating, I decided to give it a shot and boy does this product plump up your lips!  

* WARNING: it stings at first (makes sense though since it’s simulating lip injection needles).  It is slightly painful, but tolerable.  However, if you have a low low low pain tolerance maybe avoid this.  If you wear it on its own, your lips will also turn pretty red and irritated looking at first, but this goes away.  It is a clear gloss so my favorite way to wear it is on top of a liquid lipstick (don’t see the redness… unless you’re wearing a red lipstick of course hehe).  On top of the liquid lip you get beautiful, sexy glossy lips and the elimination of the dry look of liquid lipsticks, while also plumping your lips!  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Overall, if you aren’t happy with the size of your lips, this is a great alternative to biting the bullet and getting lip fillers!

P.S.  It smells like throwback lip gloss we used to wear from the drug store when we were kids so if you feel like reminiscing then check this out!

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 2.46.47 PM.png

Product 2:  Becca Lip Priming Perfector  ($24.00).  GUYS!  I got this product in the mail this week and I’m so obsessed I had to write a post about it.  This product is truly what inspired this post so snaps to Becca!  Oh, and I better not to forget to mention it’s currently on sale for the Becca’s Glowing, Going, Gone Sale (How stinkin’ cute is that name?!).  IT’S $12.00!!  But that also means it is on its way out, so I may have to order a back-up before it’s gone for good.  Now onto the good stuff… the product review!  As you can see from the picture, this product is a beautiful pinky-nude shade.  

On to how I used the product.  I first applied a few coats… learn from my mistake and don’t do that.  One light coat is the perfect amount.  If you layer too many coats of this product, the lines on your lips will be accentuated.  I then let the product dry, but it does remain tacky… in a good way.  If you love a nude lip, you could almost wear it on it’s own… not going to lie, I thought the product was beautiful so I considered it.  However, I caved and layered my Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in Duchess on top (post coming on this magical lipstick soon).  Now this lipstick is beautiful but like most lipsticks fades while eating.  Since my lips are fuller, typically when I eat I end up with lipstick on my chin (weird I know, I don’t know how it happens).  But not this time!  I went to reapply my lipstick after eating and it wasn’t really necessary!  It faded slightly but not as bad as usual and NONE WAS ON MY CHIN!  I actually had to use a makeup wipe to remove it at the end of the night, which never happens unless I’m wearing a liquid lipstick!  Magical!  Definitely get your hands on this product soon and while you can!  We prime our face and eyes, so why not our lips?!  Pretty revolutionary if I do say so myself.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 2.47.22 PM.png

Product 3:  Last but surely not least, potentially the best product on the list… The Nugg Lip Mask ($8.99).  You guys can find this at your local target as well!  This product claims to hydrate, soften, and plump lips and guess what?!  It does just that!  It’s perfect if you live in a cold climate that is harsh on your lips.  It adds moisture and makes them silky soft.  It also plumps and LASTS for a good amount of time!  This product has zero tingling or pain unlike the Too Faced product.  I will put on this product while I am getting ready and then take a tissue or washcloth to wipe it off after the specified amount of time or when I am finished getting ready.  I use this product once or twice a week especially before I wear a liquid lipstick.  We use masks on the rest of our face, why not use one on our lips?!  


Lips are often a neglected part of our skincare routine.  All we pretty much do for our lips is chapstick but why not add steps into our routine to ensure healthy, youthful lips.  


Tweet us @lights_charm or tag us in your pictures on Instagram @northernlights.southerncharm if you get your hands on these products!  We can’t wait to hear what you think and if you love them as much as we do!


What lip care products are you obsessing over?  


Do you have products you want us to test out for you and give our review??  Let us know in the comments!  


P.S. what chapstick works best for you in the winter?  I use the Vaseline Lip Therapy every night but I’ve heard it is bad for your body?  What products keep your lips moisturized and is not addicting?   



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