Lorac California Dreaming Palette vs. Too Faced White Chocolate Chip

Now if you’re like me and were trying to decide between the Lorac California Dreaming Palette ($30.00) and the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette ($26.00).  Hopefully this post will help you to decide.  I decided to purchase the Lorac palette over the Too Faced after playing with both of the palettes in the store.  Both of these brands produce absolutely amazing products, some of which are my holy grail.  However, I was extremely disappointed in the White Chocolate Chip Palette especially after owning the Peach Palette (link to the review), which we also reviewed and love!  Both the Lorac and Too Faced Palettes were released around the same time and are similar in price.  However, the size difference and amount of product you receive is baffling.

The Too Faced Palette is about the size of a credit card and it’s almost impossible to fit a brush in the shadows.  The Lorac is about double the size of the Too Faced.  Aside from the size, the shadows aren’t the same amazing quality we are used to from Too Faced.  The pigmentation on the Peach Palette is out of this world and I would definitely recommend that palette. But the shadows in the White Chocolate Chip Palette pretty much disappeared after swatching.  The pigmentation is not the Too Faced quality we are used to and the price is steep for the amount of product you receive.  For this reason, I decided to purchase the Lorac palette.


I digress. I know there were many people trying to decide between the two so hopefully that helps if you were or are in the same position.  Let’s jump into the review on my new addiction.


It’s no secret that Lorac produces my favorite eyeshadow palettes and formulas.  Let’s not kid ourselves, they are one of my all time favorite brands.  Their shadows are creamy and extremely pigmented.  If I am going to an event and need shadows that I know will stay put and look just as good at the end as they did when first applied, then I 10/10 times reach for any of my Lorac palettes.  


So when the California Dreaming Palette ($30.00) came out, I was IMMEDIATELY attracted to it.  Even though I expected it to be high quality, I still approached it with a careful eye so we could tell you guys if it was worth it or not.



In this palette you get 12 shades in a rectangular pan size, meaning you get a good amount of product while also being able to easily fit any brush in the pan.

The shadows in this palette are pretty much the opposite of the last palette review we posted on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (link to the review).  The ABH palette is comprised of mostly warm toned shades, which was why I was skeptical.  However, this palette is more on the cool toned side, which is MY ABSOLUTE OBSESSION!  Regardless of whether you prefer warm or cool shades, this palette is to die for.

In my opinion, many palettes on the market today are more warm toned.  I feel as if the cool toned shades are often neglected.  So snaps to Lorac for doing something different and appealing to us cool toned girls!   




Packaging:  The packaging on this palette is ADORABLE!  It is filled with emoji type pictures.  Don’t get me wrong it’s pretty busy, but that’s what makes it so different and special.  The palette has a magnetic closing.  There’s a nice sized mirror and the size of the palette makes it perfect for travel.  The border on the front and back of the palette are textured.  Lorac really knows what they are doing with their designs and always think of everything!



Quality of shadows: Even though this palette is smaller and cheaper than many of the other Lorac palettes, it is the same amazing quality.  You BARELY have to dip your brushes in the shadows and you’re good to go.  I prefer to apply shimmer shades with my finger and with one swipe, the color payoff is amazing.  


There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love this palette.  I can’t even pick favorite shades because they are all so amazing.  Hot Toddy, Overcast, and Starfish are the absolute perfect cool toned shades.  Seaside is my olive green love.  Sand Castle and 65° are the most beautiful buttery shimmers.  But literally every shade is amazing.  The swatches honestly don’t do this palette justice.  I’m not just saying this because I love Lorac.  I’m considering buying a backup for this product because I love it that much.  


Can we also discuss the names of the eyeshadows.  My dream in life is to work as a Copywriter for a cosmetic company so I pay close attention to the shade names.  I’ve never been to California, but the names of the shadows make me feel as if I have.  


Palette Report Card:


Blendability: A+  

These shadows are perfect for layering and building.  They don’t take long to blend at all.  I love the start with a denser crease brush and finish blending with a clean, fluffy blending brush.

Pigmentation: A+

Just like with the ABH palette one dip into the shades is more than enough.  Start with less and build up the intensity.  It will make the shadows look seamless.  The mattes and shimmers are equal in pigmentation.  The matte shades are rich and buttery and not patchy in the slightest.  There is some fallout but only in the pan, not on the eye if you start small.  The shimmer shades are wet and beautiful looking on the eyes, especially the duochrome shade Kitty Cat.   

Versatility: B+

The only reason this has a B+ instead of an A is because there isn’t one matte shade that is perfect as a beginning blending shade.  The shade Cozy is a good compromise, but I wish there was a skin toned light taupe color.  Other than that, this palette makes me feel creative and the available looks are endless.  If you already have or plan to pick up this palette, tag us in the beautiful looks you create!  Links to our social media sites are at the end! 

Packaging:  A+

As I mentioned above, the packaging on this palette is absolutely adorable.  In my opinion, this packaging is different than pretty much every palette on the market.  Love it!


Final verdict… go buy this palette now.  It is limited edition so no idea how long it will be available for purchase.  In my opinion, Lorac doesn’t receive all the hype that they deserve, especially this palette.  Take our word for it!  This palette is absolutely worth it.  If you’re looking to try something new or want to give a beautiful spring-like palette a try then go buy this now.  


If you’re a sale lover like me…

You can pick this up at Kohl’s using Kohl’s Cash if you have it.  Ulta is also having a 20% off sale for Platinum members so check your inbox.


What palette should we review next??  Any palettes you’re loving that we should pick up?  We love love love to try new products so let us know!


Review on Lorac’s I Love Brunch Palette coming soon so stay tuned!


Tweet us @lights_charm or tag us in your pictures on Instagram @northernlights.southerncharm if you decide to pick up this palette!  We want to know your thoughts and see how creative you get with this palette!  



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  1. Marsha Mellow says:

    I can’t seem to locate the I love Brunch pallete review. I was looking to forward to that one if you haven’t done it yet.


    1. So sorry it’s not up yet! We weren’t able to access our account but we will get that up for you tomorrow 😊 hope it helps you! 💜


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